Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Group is involved with the design and implementation of various high speed and high performance systems which are highly energy efficient.

The research spans across multiple levels of abstraction ranging from innovative new process technologies and circuit styles to architectures, algorithms, and software technologies.

News & Projects
Many core platform using 3D Technology
By utilizing upcoming 3D integrated circuit (3DIC) technologies, we can further increase the computational capacity of MPPAs towards 1 TOPS within a 1 Watt budget (1 pJ/op).
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Efficient Compressive Sensing
Reconstruction Algorithms & Architectures
In this project, we are proposing reduced complexity reconstruction algorithms and efficient hardware implementation on different platforms incuding FPGA, ASICS and many-core platforms.
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Ultra Low Power DSP for Health Care
In this project, we study a platform that can dynamically perform patient multi-parameter monitoring and wireless transmission. The platform is portable and can be reconfigured based on patient physiological characteristics.
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Energy Efficient Error Correction Coding
The objective of this project is to develop novel decoding algorithms, architectures and circuits for near Shannon capacity for low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoders.
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